Supporting you


I specialise in supporting people who are experiencing physical and/or emotional difficulties.

You may want to ease aches & pains, recover from illness or injury or be going through a difficult time emotionally with stress, anxiety, working through trauma or a challenging life situation.  This is where Craniosacral therapy can be beneficial.

A little unravelling goes a long way

In the midst of busy lives it can be hard just to stop and take time for yourself. Often we feel the need to ‘hold it all together’ or ‘soldier on’.   However, slowing down and giving yourself time to unravel patterns of tension, injury, stress and hurt can lead to a greater sense of wellbeing and agency in life.  Craniosacral therapy is truly holistic and promotes health at a deep level – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically.

A few reasons that clients come to see me

  • Bad backs, neck, shoulders
  • Headaches, muscular tension
  • Old or more recent injuries: eg: from car accidents, falls etc
  • Emotional trauma relating to life events
  • Feeling stressed / anxious / unable to sleep
  • Feeling very tired
  • Going through personal difficulties such as divorce, bereavement, parenting, caring for someone, long-term illness, depression etc
  • Pregnancy

An honest point

I can’t claim to cure,  fix or diagnose things for you –  I simply work with integrity and honesty, using my professional skills to help you feel better.  My experience is that we make progress.  Of course you should always seek advice from your doctor as and when needed.

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