first consulted Jess to see if she could help with the problem of a recurring bad back, which despite other therapies, yoga and preventative measures, would go into acute spasm apparently arbitrarily, and put me out of action for up to two weeks at a time. The first treatment session provided noticeable relief, as have all subsequent ones. Importantly though, over time, the sessions have helped interrupt the pain pattern to enable a new and lasting equilibrium. Jess’s approach is sensitive, deeply compassionate, light, nurturing and professional. It connects gently with the body to find mutual acknowledgement of the healing that needs to happen, on both emotional and physical levels, and subtly facilitates the process of that unfolding. It’s hard to describe, but to sum up: I can’t recommend her highly enough!
VS, Wigmore
I can’t tell you what a difference the therapy has made to my life. I am so much more tuned in to my stress signals and therefore so much more able to respect them. And the realisation that I was reacting to and suppressing my emotions has been so powerful. The self-acceptance that comes with that is very freeing. I really feel that these things were making me ill and I was storing up trouble for myself. Having these realisations is helping me to face … decisions and act on them without being driven by my fears or stress. That feels really powerful to me. And last of all, my back is much improved since I can act on my stress signals earliet. So deep and sincere thanks to you.
AW, Leominster
You really have made my life so much easier with your magic hands! I have to say I have always been a little sceptical about this type of therapy but you have more than proved me wrong. I had 18 years of back and hip pain following my operation to insert metal rods along my spine due to scoliosis. My first pregnancy was a joyous time but I was in excruciating pain for most of it. I really did wonder how I would ever cope with another pregnancy with looking after my daughter and juggling a stressful job.

Within a few sessions with you I physically felt my body become re-aligned and my back and hip pain was eased dramatically. Following my last session with you I fell pregnant really quickly and had the most amazing pregnancy… no back or hip ache. No one could believe it least of all me!!! I really do put this down to the sessions I had with you and for that I can thank you no end!
LR, Tenbury Wells
Allowing my body to be witnessed through Jess’s hands is to experience my body correcting itself from the contortions of my everyday physiological experience and, perhaps more subtly and importantly, from the contortions that I have imposed on my body psychologically.

Jess has the capacity to listen through her hands without any agenda or imposition; she is, then, a true bodily witness in that sense, and her clear witnessing has allowed me to know my bodily and sensory experience(s) more deeply and clearly. As a psychotherapist I know there is a prerequisite to skilled therapy that is perhaps best described as the ability to listen very deeply without interference. I have learned that I do not need to DO anything; the body will find it’s own intelligent response if I do not interfere. Jess’s skill is that she does not interfere either!
CO, Hereford
After 6 months of severe RSI (repetitive strain injury) affecting my hands, arms and neck I was feeling really depressed. The pain made it difficult to get comfortable at night and affected my sleep and I feared I wouldn’t be able to work again. I’d tried exercises and physio but it had no real effect. Jess’ treatment worked on a deeper level putting me in touch with my body, changing my posture and resolving my pain.
SB, Pembridge
I went to Jess 2 years after a knee operation suffering debilitating pain. Her amazing skills in craniosacral therapy transformed my life! I’m now running and cycling and feel 100% better. (and I’ve lost over a stone which feels great!)
SB, Pembridge
The Physio who diagnosed my frozen shoulder said it would take 18-24 months to heal. I went straight to Jess. Jess used a combination of craniosacral therapy, massage and exercises. The results are amazing. In three months my shoulder has a normal range of movement and I am pain free. Thank you Jess. A great result!
CG, Marden
The Craniosacral Therapy has been a new experience for me, but one which I have benefited massively from.

Jess has an amazing ability to put you at ease, and using her hands has helped me to feel physically and emotionally stronger and more in contact with my own self.

Jess has also worked with one of my children and the results were life changing! I cannot recommend her highly enough.
NB, Bircher
You have relieved me of the most painful migraine I have suffered in recent years. You are a genius! Thank you with all my heart.
AR, Hereford
Your cranial worked brilliantly, I feel quite different now and started to feel better in my head last night. Feeling better all the time. Just wanted you to know how very good you are – those wonderful healing hands!
JG, Presteigne
As a yoga teacher I have a strong sense of what my body needs and can easily be disappointed by a massage that doesn’t quite meet those needs. My first massage with Jess was the most wonderful massage I have ever had – in ten years! I felt immediately safe and relaxed in Jess’s hands, and during the session released a lot of physical and mental tension. The therapy was perfectly right for me – it was clear that Jess knew what I needed and was in tune with my energy. I confidently recommend Jess’s intuitively healing touch to my yoga clients including pregnant women, and have heard similarly positive feedback from them too.
GTE, Titley
The sensations are felt deep within the joints but handled with sensitivity and competence to ‘listen’ to the body. It is difficult to describe, but Jess has a remarkable ability to identify and work on problem joints/muscle groups, some quite subtle and longstanding. I have felt a great sense of release, both physical and emotional.
HS, Pembridge
Jess has a wonderful healing touch, which makes you feel safe and relaxed as soon as she lays her hands on you. Her treatments sent me into a deep sleepy state and the wonderful stretches made me feel fantastic. Aches and pains seemed to vanish and I felt really supple and calm afterwards.
GD, Leominster
Jessica is a skilled practitioner and passionate about her work. Over time she has relieved my chronic low back pain and corrected a long term postural problem. And because of her holistic approach, the sessions are wonderfully relaxing as well as therapeutic.
AR, Sutton St Nicholas
Following a scuba-diving injury 15 years ago in which I severely tore my thigh muscle, I had a longstanding muscular imbalance which about a year ago had built up to the point of causing a painful limp.

Through Jess’s skilled and very sensitive touch she was able to improve mobility and significantly reduce pain after just a couple of sessions. With further work on old scar tissue I am now at the point that most of the time I am not aware of any problem and now just have maintenance sessions every couple of months.

Jess has an excellent intuitive ability to judge how deeply she can work without causing discomfort yet producing optimal effect, so her treatments are always relaxing and soothing to receive. In fact, most of the time I tend to drift off, and then awake at the end feeling grounded and supple, just like I have completed a session of yoga and meditation- but it has been done for me!
PJE, Shobdon
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