Craniosacral Therapy for adults, children and babies




£45 per session

First session is 60 mins.  Subsequent sessions 45-60 minutes.

**I usually recommend that new clients start with 3 weekly sessions

(concessions available if needed (low-waged/un-waged)  Please discuss this option with me first)

Babies and children (16 & under)

£35 per session – up to one hour – the session will be led by the baby or child and can be shorter.


£40 per hour for one to one supervision

Cancellation policy

Please give me 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee will be charged.  I’d rather not do this so please try to give me sufficient notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment – thank you!



I am so much more tuned in to my stress signals and therefore so much more able to respect them. And the realisation that I was reacting to and suppressing my emotions has been so powerful. The self-acceptance that comes with that is very freeing. I really feel that these things were making me ill and I was storing up trouble for myself.... my back is much improved since I can act on my stress signals earlier.

AW, Leominster


Tel: 07981 866 667 to book

Weekdays, 10-5pm (not Wednesdays):

Oldfield Lodge, St Michael’s Avenue, Kingsland,  HR6 9QP

Parking Available

​What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on, whole body approach derived from osteopathy. It releases deep tension in the body and assists a return to healthy function, working with the underlying cause of the problem and the body as a whole.

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