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IMG_0859Who am I?

I spent my formative years working at the BBC as a researcher, which was exciting, full-on and exhilerating. However, shortly after the birth of my first daughter (23 years ago!) I was feeling exhausted and vulnerable and I happened upon Holistic Massage.  The simple session was so nourishing and profound that I became very curious about the healing potential of therapeutic body work.   I retrained in 2005 and since then have continued to develop my professional therapeutic skills to support people with their wellbeing in a holistic way.  I have offered Craniosacral therapy since qualifying in 2013 and find it to be the most subtle and profound way of supporting health at a deep level.  Since 2005 I’ve followed a Buddhist path, appreciating the practises of mindfulness and compassion which continue to help me greatly – and support me in helping others.  I’m part of a Buddhist community and got ordained in 2021.  Wanting to offer mindfulness more widely, I was fortunate to train as a Breathworks mindfulness teacher and now teach mindfulness to people one to one, in groups and at the local Hospice.   I enjoy living in Hereford with my two daughters who are growing up fast – and am reluctantly learning to garden finally.

Unlocking the past

I’ve discovered much about my personal childhood history through somatic therapies, particularly Craniosacral therapy.   I had a perfectly ‘normal’ childhood and always knew that I was adopted as a baby.  Surely no trauma in that?  Yet the body remembers even if the mind doesn’t.  The body’s natural response to frightening situations (flight, fight, freeze) can remain ‘stuck’ in the system, frozen in time – blocking our energy and leading to imbalance in the nervous system.  For me, this came from the fact of being adopted and it affected who I felt I was, in subtle but important ways.  I didn’t truly feel ‘right’ or ‘safe’.  I was somewhat alienated from my body and out of touch with my vitality.  Craniosacral therapy has offered me a way of exploring and releasing many layers of early traumatic experience through the body.  The process has opened me up to the greater possibility of compassion for self and others which has been a driving force in my life.  I feel that life is an ongoing work in progress, and that greater freedom, connection and authenticity is possible for all of us, with a little care and attention.

My qualifications, at a glance

  • 2004/5 – Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Pathology & Physiology, Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork
  • 2006 – Diploma in Thai Massage, Bristol School of Thai Massage
  • 2007 – Infant Massage Teacher, Solace Training, Shrewsbury
  • 2012 – Certificate in Sports Massage, Hereford College of Technology
  • 2012/13 – Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Resonance Trainings, Stroud
  • 2020 – Accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher

If you’d like to get in touch to find out more or to book a session – Tel: 07981 866 667.

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